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TightVac Care & Maintenance

***For optimum longevity & performance of Tightvacs always ***

*Do not put Tightvacs in the dishwasher:  *HAND WASH ONLY* ---
Always thoroughly dry your Tightvac immediately. This will prevent the clouding effect that a lot of soaps and chemicals have on clear plastic.

*Keep the Interior of the cap & the top of the container clean.
This is very important – *neglecting the cleaning where the cap and body meet may cause the cap to become difficult to put on & off.

*Also storing sticky products may cause this effect as well. If this does occur - clean these areas thoroughly with alcohol or a strong soap. Make sure you have wiped clean all surfaces and then have dried them properly. There are now several methods to make your Tightvac work properly:

*We recommend WAX. Food grade wax – Candle wax – Wax paper – You can even use car wax if you are not eating out of the container. Simply apply wax to the inside of the cap & the body of the container where the cap & body meet. Let the wax dry, and then thoroughly rub wax off with a clean cloth until you have a smooth slick surface. Now you can put the cap back on your Tightvac -- This should make it alot easier to open & close your container. If your Tightvac has been neglected.


Caps too loose for you? Pulls off easy without pressing the button?...

This is completely normal when your container is new. In the past Tightvac caps were made very tight - Since the conception of the Tightvac we have done extensive testing on how to make the Vacs last longer in the your home,office,business, kitchen or traveling. Making the caps slightly looser can double the containers shelf life! The more you open and close a Tightvac the tighter the seal becomes - Thus making Tightvacs the worlds - first truly Sustainable container.

The new Tintvac line - Colbalt - Rose & Emerald are made from a different plastic material and are more slippery then the clear and solid models. The Tintvac caps - when new appear to slide off easier. This is normal and after a few weeks of use will become harder to pull off without pressing the button. This material has the ability to last for 5 years and beyond - when properly maintained.