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Food Storage

Two children baking in a kitchen. With tightvac TV4  and rolling pins.

Recycle Reduce Reuse As we get deeper into the 21st century, the rising cost of food and growing landfills present a very real problem. Safe, practical & long lasting food storage is now an essential and important part of our modern day to day lives. We believe the need to be economical in our choices and environmentally aware is the most worthy mindset for all of us.

Recyclable Food Storage Containers at Tightvac, we develop and manufacture multi-purpose food storage containers with a one of a kind technology that makes our unique patented closure system ideal for keeping food fresher for longer and consequently helps to eliminate wastefulness and unnecessary spending.


Tightvacs help you with a multitude of everyday storage issues providing solutions for everything from maximizing your cupboard organization to insuring long lasting freshness for your coffee and tea; use them for convenient travel purposes and your bulk storage needs. Tightvacs are Air-Tight, Water Resistant and Smell-Proof (extreme smelling products need degassing so air will escape through the button); Tightvacs keep the precious aromas of your goods, sealed inside the container, so that the original flavor of your food, coffee or tea is kept intact for longer than any other containers on the market. They also keep your cupboards, fridge or freezer absolutely odor free! Tightvacs also prevent any bug or pest infestation, preventing larvae, which is already in your flour and rice from hatching, keeping your food and cupboards Bug and Pest Free.

Nuts Another beneficial quality that our Vacs possess is that they are highly functional in all climate conditions, from the super humid, tropical environments to the dry cold mountain air and/or hot desert climates. Whatever you may choose to store will stay fresher in a Tightvac Climate Proof container! Your items will also stay Dust & Rust Free, which allows you to store a multitude of varied items besides food; everything from jewelry which stays tarnish free to electronics, nuts and bolts in your garage and Q-tips in your bathroom will stay high and dry in our containers.

Tightvac's are great for storing Parmesan Cheese. They can be used for candy and vegetables.

Spice Vac Tightvacs come in 10 different sizes. The fact that our containers are also available in clear, tinted or solid styles with a variation of colored caps separates them from the average food container on the market and gives them a broader range of storage styles for light sensitive goods and greater organizational options. All our containers despite the names ( Vitavac, Minivac, Tightvac, Teavac, Coffeevac, Kilovac, Breadvac, Pawvac ) work the same and can be used for many different things ( dry food, coffee, tea, pet food, treats, vitamins, pills, etc.)

We stand behind our products, investing in product certification from NSF International, a globally recognized third party product certification organization. Our Vacs are tested and certified to be food safe and FDA approved.

Tightvacs are a revolution in storage for all dry goods. We are bold enough to state that in any of our Tightvacs dry goods will stay fresher than in any other container in the world! In many cases; our “Vacs” will keep certain goods fresh for even up to a year. Store anything in our Tighvacs and especially your dry goods; coffee, tea, cereal, oatmeal, pasta, cookies, bread and crackers or snacks of any kind, nuts, dried fruits and more. On each of our internet product line descriptions you will see the amounts of particular foods that each container will hold and you’ll get a good idea of how each container can fulfill your special needs. Our Coffeevacs/Teavacs excel in keeping your coffee and/or tea tasting as delicious as the day you bought it.


Coffeevac's in a window. A roasting bean. A woman enjoys a fresh cup of coffee.

CoffeeVacCoffee Fest AwardEvery time you open a Coffeevac/Teavac you will smell the perfect aroma of your coffee and/or tea and when you taste it, you’ll know how our containers are working overtime to keep your cup full of flavor! You can store and organize any amount of coffee beans or tea leaves; from our “Minivac 1 oz.” which is perfect for storing single shots of coffee bean blends which you can use to organize at home or take to the office, to our classic “Coffeevac 1 lb.” container all the way up to “The Everything Vac” which can hold up to 5 lb. of coffee beans or tea leaves. Our unique patented closure system allows for the coffee to breathe while in the container keeping your coffee beans & grounds in the ultimate coffee environment. A dream container for any Coffee Roaster - Coffee and/or Tea Connoisseur! Please visit our Coffee & Tea pages for more information on the ways our unique patented system works to keep your coffee/tea fresher for longer!


CoffeeVac VCoffeeVac V Inside CapThe Ultimate professional coffee storage container. Allowing freshly roasted coffee to degas and breath, maintaining long term freshness by creating a Vacuum seal each and every time the Vac is closed. The Coffeevac V’s patented system is able to keep Coffee fresher than any other container. That's why we are Europe's #1 coffee storage choice.


Spicevac come in a variety of sizes and fit in most carriers.

Herbs and Spices will keep their powerful aromatic qualities in any of our smaller containers or use any of our larger sizes to store in bulk. Your very special and expensive herbs like saffron or lavender are easily stored in the freezer. The solid or tinted containers are perfect for any light sensitive goods like dried mushrooms, truffles or dried fruits. Use a Tightvac to store your almonds, cashews and other nuts in the fridge and avoid rancidness, they will stay crunchy for over a year and up to two years! Any of our containers are great in the fridge or freezer.Double the shelf life of your bagels, bread or crackers and chips in our Everything Vac - Breadvacs; there’s plenty of room for the largest loaves of bread, 2 regular loaves, large bags of bagels, crackers or muffins as well as any pastries. Flour, sugar and salt stay dry and bug free. Use any of our Tightvac sizes and styles to keep your cereal, oatmeal, cookies, pretzels, chips and more, all snap, crackle and yummy good!


Tightvacs are great for leftovers. Veggies and dry goods stay fresher for longer.

Transfer your fresh produce from plastic or paper grocery bags into a Tightvac and store in the fridge. You can get a lot more life out your veggies when you use our containers. Our unique patented system helps to keep them crispier for longer. It is absolutely outstanding how long fresh lettuce or asparagus can last in your fridge stored in one of our larger sized Tightvacs. Use them to store leftover veggies like chopped onions or peppers so they can live another day to serve in your next dish. For more porous veggies like garlic or mushrooms we recommend using a sealed plastic bag and then placing them in a Tightvac and opening the Vacs once every 2 days to allow moisture to dissipate. The fruit and vegetable crisper drawers in your refrigerator, control humidity and temperature to help keep produce fresh - for optimal freshness, store your produce in a Tightvac inside your crisper.

You can also use Tightvacs in the freezer for your expensive spices and teas or coffee (if that is your style). Whole slabs or slices of cheese will stay fresh for over two months when stored in our containers, now that’s a saving! Grated cheeses will stay fresh even longer keeping their aroma and flavor intact. For maximum shelf life for these types of items use a Solid style Vac to make sure no light penetrates, keeping mold from starting. Use our versatile containers to store any delicious leftovers in your fridge; for everyday and especially during those holidays when leftovers are so greatly appreciated. There really is nothing like opening the fridge and discovering a Tightvac full of fresh leftover goodies.


Leftover Storage tips. Great foe Pasta, potatoes, carrots and so much more.Save money, stress and cut out fatty fast foods all at the same time; pack leftovers immediately after dinner each night. Here are a few easy ways you can ensure your leftovers are eaten and not wasted Keep a dry, odor free and neatly organized fridge with our Tightvac Storage System. Refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible after cool down. It is unsafe to store food in large amounts that can't cool quickly enough. Do not over-pack the refrigerator. Cool air should circulate around the containers to keep food safe. You can pack a Tightvac Snackvac in your fridge with leftovers in individual serving sizes and easily carry them from the fridge to the office or school lunch the next day. Each family member can pack what they want for lunch or a snack the next day. With our colored caps you don’t need to label; blue for Jim and green for Susie, etc. Used refrigerated leftovers within three days, although they may stay edible longer in a Tightvac, it is best to use them as soon as possible and refill!

Avoid cross-contamination. Never place cooked food in a container that previously held raw meat, poultry or seafood. Check the refrigeration temperature. It is important to keep the fridge at 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Reheat any leftovers thoroughly to a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit or until hot and steaming. Do not use Tightvacs in the microwave or the oven - Remove your food to reheat. We do not recommend freezing any meats, fish or wet goods in Tightvacs. We do not recommend using Tightvacs to carry liquids. You can only store liquids when kept upright in the fridge. Do not use Tightvacs in the microwave.


TV0 Pill Storage, great for storing vitamins and daily medicines. Keeps pills vacuum safe.

VitaVacVitamins and prescriptions are perfect in our Vitavac-Pocketvacs and just like any dry goods will stay fresh and dry for longer. Depending on your health needs, you can use any of our sizes or styles to store and organize your vitamins and prescriptions.

Use our variety of colors as a system to code your pills; red for Vitamin C, blue for Vitamin E and etc.! Certain vitamins and prescriptions are light sensitive and require proper storage to maintain their innate nutrient values; our variety of styles, sizes and colors combined with the unique patented closure system will help you keep expensive vitamins and prescriptions from losing their value for your health and save you money!


Vitavacs are great for traveling. Easily fits in pockets and purses.

One of the most convenient features of our Tightvacs is their portability; making them easy to use for all kinds of travel needs. Take them in your purse, pocket or backpack, to the campsite or the airport. Remember Tightvacs are Smell Proof so the odors won’t escape and you can feel secure about storing anything, anywhere, anytime without offending anyone!


Mini Vac Snack Vac

MiniVacOur "Minivacs or Vitavac-Pocketvacs” will fit into any small or large size purse/pocket. You can carry your daily supply of vitamins or healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits; whether you’re headed to the mall for a few errands or hitting the park for a play date, it’s always a good idea to bring some snacks along. Nutritionists recommend eating every few hours to keep your energy constant and help prevent a mid-afternoon slump.

SnackVacYou can use “Tightvac Snackvac 6 oz.” in your car for your kids favorite after-school snack or put a “Minivac” with a snack in your kids backpack or schoolbag. Instead of spending on expensive individual snack boxes for your family, by your nuts, dried fruits and/or cereals in bulk, store them in the Kilovac or “The Everything Vac” then make up your own portions in our smaller sizes, there’s a lot less packaging overall and a lot less money being used. Savings all around! You can also keep them around your home, in the den or TV room or in the office. Ready with fresh, healthy snacks!


Breakfast & LunchNo need to miss the most important meal of the day, simplify your already hectic mornings and make the rest of the day energy filled. Pack-a-TightvgacToGo; use the 6 oz. container, fill it halfway or ¾ with your favorite healthy cereal and pop it in your briefcase or purse. If you’re really behind, just eat the cereal dry, but if you can grab a single-serving carton of milk when you stop for coffee, you just have to pour and eat - a nutritious start to your morning. You can also use the “Minivac” to carry your favorite coffee or beans to the office for a special single brew on your morning or afternoon break. Or use the Coffeevac 1lb. Smell Proof container and store your favorite coffee at the office all year long, do the same with your tea! Overall it’s just plain better to use the Tightvac Storage system, you save yourself time, money and the entire family from unhealthy fast food breakfasts or lunch. Just remember to pack some utensils, so you can avoid using plastic ones and save on even more waste!


Pawvac's are the perfect pet food storage solution. Keeps Pet Food fresh.

PawVacCatTightvacs and your PET! Our containers make terrific pet food & snack storage, that can help prevent bacteria build up and keep your pet’s food allergen free!

Please visit our Pet Food storage page and read about the value of using Tightvacs to store your best friend’s food and snacks.


Treats & HolidaysYou can use the “Tightvac 1 ½ lb.” for special treats or holidays and fill it with brownies or your baked goods to take to the office and make everyone’s day! Heck, you could treat the whole office and bring our “Coffeevac 1 lb.” full of special brews to lift everyone’s spirits! Pack-a-TightvacToGo with any of your favorite chips, cookies, pretzels!


Picnics & Camping are perfect for Tightvacs. Great for day hikes or weekend getaways.

Picnics & Camping“The Everything Vac” and Kilovac are terrific for picnics and camping. It’s lightweight and has a handle making it easy to carry or even tie on to other gear. You can pack an afternoon outing with some sandwiches, fruit and biscuits. Or use several “Vacs” and pack one with a couple of dozen sandwiches, another with salads or pasta and yet another with all your plates, cups, napkins and silverware. The large size of our “Vacs” will help you avoid using plastic plates or utensils; pack with care and bring anything you need right from your cupboards to the campsite or picnic area. We always recommend keeping the VACS upright. Keeping the button and valve clean is very important to its function.


Boats-RV-Airports and Tightvacs. Great for storing coffee or dry goods.

Your “get away” vacation home, like a boat or RV will also benefit highly from the Tightvac Storage System. The durable and reusable nature of our containers makes them perfect for storage in any location. They can go from your home cupboard or counter top right to your car, boat or RV. You can also keep them in your “get away” recreational vehicle all year and your crackers, chips and dry goods will survive any climate. No more stale or soggy goods on your boat or in your RV. Pack-a-TightvacToGo in any of your air travel baggage. Use them in your luggage for protecting fragile items or store your “undies” discreetly. Use them in your carry-on baggage to store vitamins, ear plugs and mask. Use the handy clear containers for any items that need to go through airport security and make travel a breeze. In and out of your carry-on with no mess or fuss!


Tightvacs completely benefit the environment; they are 100% Reusable & Recyclable!!

Tightvacs completely benefit the environment; they are 100% Reusable & Recyclable!! Finally and gratefully, the environment is on everyone’s mind these days, as we’re all trying to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle. We want you to know that Tightvac has run a solar powered facility since our inception and in addition we have special energy saving devices that keep us warm and bright. Our containers are simple to use, convenient to carry and there long lasting durable nature makes them usable and reusable for years! By preserving your food & goods for longer, we are helping to stop the needless food waste from accumulating in landfills. Maybe most important of all - saving you money. This is why it is a Sustainable Container. When you buy in bulk and store in our larger Kilovacs &“The Everything Vac”, then transfer items into easy store Tighvacs that simply go in your cupboards, you are saving money and needless packaging waste. Use the Tightvac system when you pack leftovers, lunches & snacks and you will be saving the dumps from piles of retail snack, fast food packaging and plastic disposable products we all regularly use.

Please view the links at the bottom of the page for any recycling information you may need! Unlike any other container on the market; Tightvac technology is new, unique and simple. And distinct from large corporate brands; we are a mid size company that operates with the same everyday concerns as our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent product with a high standard of service and accountability!


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