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Cannabis Storage


It started in the early 2000’s when we searched for ways to safely, securely transport & store medical Cannabis. Not just buds but for marijuana cigarettes too. Sure Mason jars have been around since my great grandmother and frankly I am sick and tired of hearing the same ol ….. boring…. (delete). Come on its 2016 and there have been advances in so many areas, not just technology, simply put - we can do better than a mason jar!

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And we have! With two unique patented Vacuum sealed systems and cigarette carriers we have become the global leader for cannabis storage. Our Tightvac line of Vacuum sealed containers are NSF tested and approved so no need to worry about safety or contamination. We’ve got your buds and nugs covered!

Let’s start with the basics of Cannabis storage….



Herb AmountsWow how many times do I see main websites saying don’t use a plastic bag to store your buds! Emergency!!! OMG! Plastic static charges – gonna blow your trichomes straight to hell! Sounds like another bad episode of NCIS–LA. This kind of talk is fanatical and motivated by financial interests in other storage methods. These same places all receive and sell their daily supplies of cannabis in some kind of plastic. Put it in a paper bag? Obviously these guys have never travelled around or stored there stash in a paper bag! The plastic vacuum bag system (Food saver is the # 1 brand) of transportation and storage has been used by 95% of all cannabis growers and 98% of all buds sold retail are in a plastic vessel of some kind! As I write this I am in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where 99% of all weed sold in the coffee shops for the past 30 years has been sold in small plastic bags. In all my years of being in and around this industry, I have never heard anyone say “this weed is terrible and the trichomes have been blown apart by my plastic bag!” We know plastic is a good storage solution – even for long term storage. Technology has made plastic products completely safe – there’s no doubt about it. So many of the foods we consume on a daily basis are packed in plastic. Please don’t misunderstand me - glass is a phenomenal way to store cannabis however it’s just not practical in many situations. Now we have cleared the air about that issue let’s get to the facts about using the Tightvac vacuum storage system to store your various cannabis products. First of all our Vac’s create a vacuum seal, this air elimination is approximately the volume of the cap (of whatever size you are using) is enough for Cannabis and other natural goods to last 1 year and beyond. Let’s face it – most of us aren’t going into space, to smoke up anytime soon, so this air elimination is perfectly adequate for our earthly purposes.

iVAC Oxygen cannot enter into the VAC once the cap is put back on, even for a period of 1 year. This air elimination is critical for the storage of Cannabis and keeps it as fresh as possible for very long periods of time. Using a solid body Vac will protect products from any light exposure. Basically with the exception of temperature control (which you can control) all the elements that degrade cannabis have been neutralized using our Tightvac system. *We always recommend a wax paper or oven bag, inside the Vac for storage over 6 months.*

Humidity – The enemy of our stash…..

TV0 Vitavac - TV1 MinivacWant to cry? Put away your harvest without properly drying it. This is a fast lesson in what humid conditions can do to a natural product. It rots it from the inside and then turns it to mold and mildew. Bugs which were on your plants often start this process off so make sure harvests are thoroughly dry before putting them away. If your plants had a lot of bugs it is often better to over dry during the curing process. Bugs leave behind eggs and all sorts of invisible matter to our eyes that can start the molding process. Humidity and heat usually go hand and hand and it’s crucial to keep marijuana as far away from these 2 elements. If you live in a hot climate and cannot escape this then keep our Vacs under your house, in the basement, or bury it in the earth if there is no other option. This will keep the product as cool as possible under these conditions. If you live in the Northern parts of Europe or the USA then humidity is a way of life. Our Vacs tend to dry all natural products out over long periods of time. Although this might not keep them exactly under the connoisseur’s ideal conditions it does keep it as fresh as possible in humid or dry conditions. When you test your product 1 year later – you’ll agree – not too shabby!

*Always use a solid body style Vac for long term storage. We recommend a wax paper or oven bag inside the Vac for storage over 6 months.*

Eco-VacCFV1 - CFV2 AMOUNTSSTORING EDIBLES ….. This is the only time we recommend refrigerator or freezer storage. Our Vacs are the perfect place to store Edibles both in and out of the refrigerator or freezer. The Vac’s help keep your edibles much fresher – protecting them from outside elements such as absorbing unwanted smells, losing potency from air exposure and preventing mold and mildew formation. They also keep smells contained. It is always best to keep everything as clean as possible so we recommend a wax paper or food grade plastic bag for your edibles - stored inside the Vac. A useful tip when taking out of the fridge or freezer – take out, what you need immediately, then put it back so edibles to not thaw out or become unnecessarily moist.

*It is recommended when Vacs come out of the freezer to handle them with caution. The cold makes them temporarily more fragile and can crack easier if dropped or bumped hard*

Light, Heat and UV Rays… Enemies of the state……

Unless you are full on in drying mode – keep light away from your buds nugs and flowers. It’s amazing how light and heat will literally fade away your trichomes and cannabinoids. However this is easily avoidable! Store it one of our Solid body Vacs and keep it away from the window, the heater, stove or summertime attic. Bury it in the ground if no other options are available making sure the button is protected from being pushed while underground.


TV6 Kilovac - TV7 BreadvacBefore the issue of storage one must safely transport what often represents months of work. Assuming your stalks, buds, flowers, shake or leaves are dry it is best to be extra safe and clean. Surely one of the best ways is to use a food saver or similar vacuum bag system. Another equally good solution (better for smaller amounts) is oven bags which have the added advantage of being open and closed. When using the Food Saver system, once you cut the bags open - they cannot be reused. Often when transporting Cannabis one needs to check on humidity and dryness and then keep moving.This is a good reason to have our Vacs on hand as carrying the Food Saver equipment around is often not a good idea or practical. This is good example of why oven bags rule. When using oven bags it is best to combine them with our Vacs because we all know how smelly our favorite varieties can be and just a little resin on the outside of a bag can literally reek havoc! Meaning a car can go from smelling like your car to smelling like a bud. Combined with oven bags - our Vacs not only create a vacuum seal but give you a secure feeling, when transporting such a valuable commodity. Always be smart – take a little extra time and put your Vac or vacuum bags in something that makes sense for your circumstances.